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Thread: Bike light BC30R - arrived with zero charge

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    Default Bike light BC30R - arrived with zero charge

    Just got it, but it would not turn on until I plugged it into the charger.
    Shouldn't Li batteries be stored/chipped at 30% charge, and be expected to hold it for the few months between assembly & purchase?

    The switches are whitish, translucent, soft rubbery. They have icons embossed, which are invisible. Should be filled with a contrasting color. Wonder if permanent marker ink would stick. Also, they are tiny. The switches are large & the icon could be made much larger.

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    Default Re: Bike light BC30R - arrived with zero charge

    The ony way to access Burst seems to be with the remote switch?
    I like how some light is directed straight down to the wheel.
    But there is too much brightness in the first 10 yards. Should have more of it aimed downrange.

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