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Thread: Cannot find correct LED Strip lighting.

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    Default Cannot find correct LED Strip lighting.

    Hey all. I have had a set of weatherproof 12V LED Strip lights that go under my camp awning on my 4 wheel drive. These strips were about 500mm long and were incredibly bright for their size. The light colour was a perfect white light. My issue is that due to the size of the housing these strips were encased in, I could not permanently attach them to my awning so I could fold the awning up and just leave them attached.
    I have since spent countless dollars and time ordering and researching trying to find the exact same LEDs that are inside the casing as I just want the strip so I can apoxy them to the cross members of the awning, thus giving me enough clearance to just leave them permanently attached when I pack it up.
    I am really hoping someone can point me in the right direction and what I am missing in my search for these LED strips.

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    Default Re: Cannot find correct LED Strip lighting.

    post pic of the strip you have, big and sharp enough to ID your leds

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