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Thread: Malkoff Junkies, and sales-related topics

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    Default Malkoff Junkies, and sales-related topics

    Hello Admins and Moderators,

    I hope this is the appropriate spot for such a post. I was going to reply in the Junkies thread but it felt too meta, and I'm not sure if the lack of reply to me was deliberate to keep discussion on flashlights or not.

    Regarding a point Kestrel made about "sales related" topics/ comments that arose in the Junkies thread. I would like to state, as a result of the lack of emotion conveyed through text, that I take nothing of this personally, and intend nothing as such.
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    So this is why I'm confused about my earlier comment being deemed "about sales"- answering fresh eddie's question is really along the same lines as asking if something will be produced, is it not? I'm not asking to be contrarian or difficult, but I do not see how you can have one but not the other. For example, eddie may not have missed the production of the M31LLLL had talk of potential creations been allowed (and of course, present-ultimately I get that this is purely theoretical).

    I don't see how talking of potential projects/ items is something that should be deemed unfit for conversation. I think this is ultimately a byproduct of such a massive interest of an entire brand shoved into one thread. Maybe if that Malkoff sub-forum never takes off, perhaps there could be greater leniency as it pertains to something being related to "sales"?

    I totally get not actively buying, selling, or advertising. I get that there's a funny/ fuzzy line when you get fantastic retailers like Illumn/ people (Craig and Calvin) that offer an exclusive version of a product that is even direct, rather limited in production. If I didn't come to this thread and see the posts of the Dropins being live, I might not have checked and very well may have missed my chance for some amazing 219b Malkoff dropins! But it's not like we can go elsewhere for them or even that Illumn (and related) are in any way spamming this. They are being offered direct to us, the junkies, out of the greatness of Gene/ Cathy and Craig/ Calvin's collaborative efforts.

    Perhaps, at very least, this is just an exception that proves the rule? There could be an aspect to this that I am missing, and I would welcome further enlightenment.



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    Default Re: Malkoff Junkies, and sales-related topics

    There were more commercial postings in that thread, which you no longer see there, because they were removed (but remain visible to staff)

    I understand your confusion, but I'd like to suggest you discuss this directly with Kestrel by PM for clarification, as I think open discussions of moderation can turn counterproductive (especially as you may only be "seeing" part of the story).

    Thanks for understanding, and closing this for now.

    EDIT ... If Kestrel feels otherwise, and wants to respond here (with or without reopening this thread) , then that may happen too.
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