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Thread: We are back baby!

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    Buttrock We are back baby!

    LAPoliceGear here... actually Sean the owner. We am happy to say we are back on CPF. We just launched a new website after the last one has been crap for about 12 months. Sorry to anyone who had to deal with the last software. The new site which went up August 13th is awesome and seems to (knock on wood) run flawlessly.

    You will see an dealer section soon as well as some ads. I will be trying to check in on our dealer area regularly and look forward to offering CPF member discounts.

    We also have some new features on the website (that work this time around) . We have a holster finder, better site organization, and all sorts of filtering options on the left hand side of categories and brands. We also only allow you to buy whats in stock. We are added to stock on a daily basis in our 100,000 square foot warehouse. We used to allow backordering but we stopped that since it usually led to pissed off customers. Now if an item is on the LAPG website and you can put it in your cart that means it is in stock. Most orders ship with 24 hrs.

    So I will be speaking to y'all soon and please stop by the CPF Dealer section.



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    Cool. Iím glad to hear you will he offering cpf discounts cus thereís a bunch of stuff I need to order 😎

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    Very interesting.. Hmm

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    Great news!

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    Excellent to hear. Welcome back!

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