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Thread: [Quick Review] Olight Seeker 2 (21700, 3 x OSRAM P9, 3000 lumens)

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    Default [Quick Review] Olight Seeker 2 (21700, 3 x OSRAM P9, 3000 lumens)

    This is a short comparative review between Olight Seeker 2 Pro and the newly release Olight Seeker 2. They were release 4 months apart with the Seeker 2 Pro release in early April. IIRC, both models were supposed to be release at around the same time but there seems to be some internal changes that delays the release of Seeker 2. As most of the functionality of Seeker 2 is similar to Seeker 2 Pro, do check out my review of the Olight Seeker 2 Pro by following this link >>>

    The Seeker 2 was (or is) planned to be a more budget friendly version of Seeker 2 Pro without all the bells and whistles of Seeker 2 Pro. But the 4 months delay has made Seeker 2 see some welcoming changes that made it a flashlight model that can stand on its own. In some area, it's an even better flashlight than the Seeker 2 Pro.

    First off, please take note that there is a last minute change to Seeker 2 packaged battery, my review sample was sent with 4000mAH 21700 battery, but Olight has decided to put 5000mAH 21700, the same battery model that's used in the Seeker 2 Pro in the Seeker 2 retail package. So if you receive a light with only 4000mAH 21700 battery, please contact your seller. You should be getting a 5000mAH battery instead of 4000mAH.

    Also, note that the 4000mAH 21700 battery doesn't fit the Seeker 2 Pro as the battery has a slightly larger diameter; Seeker 2 battery tube has wider internal diameter to accomodate the 4000mAH 21700 battery.

    Let's have a look at both Seeker 2 Pro and Seeker 2 specifications:

    As you can see, they took away most of the accessories of Seeker 2 Pro, shorten the length just a hair bit, changes the LED from Cree to OSRAM, and lower the price.
    (pssssssssst... Olight also release a blue anodized version of Seeker 2, in case you are interested.)

    One significant and visible changes is the removal of the silicone finger grooves at the body of Olight Seeker 2. But replaces it with a matte finishes. This to me is a welcoming change. I would not miss that silicone finger grooves.

    another change is the indicator lights. instead of the battery and brightness level indicator in Seeker 2 Pro, Seeker 2 uses the switch-button LED indicator (three-colour Power Level Indicator). This is a more functional indicator as the battery level is always On compare to the level indicator LEDs at the Seeker 2 Pro that only turns on for a couple of seconds and goes off with no way to reactivate it back without changing level or On/Off cycle.

    A closer look at the indicator lights between Seeker 2 Pro and Seeker 2. The three-colour Power Level Indicator will lit-up Green if power is >60%, Orange if power is between 10%-60%, Red if power is <10%. It will also blink Red when the battery is too low to sustain prolong running.

    Another welcoming change is the use of non-CREE LED. Seeker 2 uses 3 x OSRAM P9 Cool White emitter and in my opinion, has a better tint than the 3 x CREE XPL emitter that's installed in Seeker 2 Pro. Although my own runtime test results shows that the CREE is running more efficient than the OSRAM P9 given the same battery capacity and lumens vs power ratio, but the changes in runtime behaviour more than made up for the loss in efficiency. What's more, it has a better stamina (runtime) compare to Seeker 2 Pro.

    A comparison of Seeker 2 Pro CREE XPL tint vs Seeker 2 OSRAM P9 tint:

    In terms of output, it's very much on point for this release.

    The usual disclaimer: I do not claim the above measured lumens as authoritative nor an indication of over/under-stating the number given by manufacturer. It's calibrated against some known light output (e.g. SureFire, Elzetta, etc.) so take it with a grain of salt and just as a relative reading.

    for runtime testing comparing both Seeker 2 Pro and Seeker 2:

    and zooming in to the first 4 minutes of Seeker 2 runtime:

    shows that Seeker 2 does has a slightly better Turbo runtime than Seeker 2 Pro, albeit at lower brightness.

    In conclusion...

    I personally thinks that Seeker 2 is a much better illumination tool than Seeker 2 Pro even without all the bells and whistles for the following reaons:
    1. Better runtime
    2. Value for money
    3. Seeker 2 does not leave you in the dark when the battery is running out.

    For yours truly, reason 3 is most important in proper illumination tool design. Let's zoom in to the last section of the runtime chart here:

    Seeker 2 tapers the brightness level when the battery is low, giving ample of warning with RED blinking indicator and lower brightness, approximately 45 lumens that are plenty to navigate around with. Compare to Seeker 2 Pro, where it will just turned-Off when the battery can no longer sustain the output (at ~600 lumens). The gradual lowering of output is reason enough for yours truly to recommend this Seeker 2 to anyone who wants a quality illumination tool.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Default Re: [Quick Review] Olight Seeker 2 (21700, 3 x OSRAM P9, 3000 lumens)

    Interesting data in your graphs; thanks for that. I just received my Seeker 2 (blue), and was wondering how (and when) it actually stepped down in brightness. Now I know! Cheers.

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    Default Re: [Quick Review] Olight Seeker 2 (21700, 3 x OSRAM P9, 3000 lumens)

    Thanks for the review, especially the great runtime graph!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you about the steps being an improvement over the Seeker 2 Pro.

    I suspect that High steps in the same fashion as Turbo. Given the much greater runtimes spec'ed for Med and Low, I would expect that they are now stepping down also.
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    Default Re: [Quick Review] Olight Seeker 2 (21700, 3 x OSRAM P9, 3000 lumens)

    FYI... the blue one is now sold out (at least in the US), and I was fast enough to get one. VERY nice light, and I did get a chance to compare it with the Pro model that a certain friend of mine owns. Although we didn't have either the time or the equipment to compare the runtime/output like you did, we definitely noticed the color temperature difference, and I would also recommend finding a sale or some kind of promotion, but I'm thrilled that I was able to buy one.

    I also noticed that the full charge took about 5 hours, and I would welcome a faster charging time, but I won't give up the light because of that; it's a "wanna have" not a "gotta have" feature for me.
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    Default Re: [Quick Review] Olight Seeker 2 (21700, 3 x OSRAM P9, 3000 lumens)

    Quote Originally Posted by rookiedaddy View Post
    for runtime testing comparing both Seeker 2 Pro and Seeker 2:
    Are these step thermally regulated step-downs starting by initially selecting the Turbo mode? If you started at the Medium mode, would you expect longer than 124 mins for example?

    Also, if this test was done in a colder climate with better cooling potential would it run longer still?

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