Hello, this is my first post on this forum so please excuse any beginner mistakes I make in this post. The predicament I find myself in today is, I bought a Moonlight MPN 30K unit at a local pawn shop. I saw them and thought to myself "Wow those look like a handheld version of the PNV-57e", so for 50 bucks I picked them up. I got them home, put in the AA batteries they require, and... nothing. So I pulled the back cover off and tested the electronics in the little plastic cylinder. Every connection had power when the device was on, so I think the electronics in there are working. But no matter what I did the tubes would not energize, they just stayed their kind of neutral green color they are when the device is powered down. I know moonlight is defunct and these are kind of an odd thing, but is there anyone out there with knowledge about what may be going on with my set? And are there people who fix them? I really fancy the concept of having a PNV-57e without the bulky, noisy transformer, and having it run on AA batteries. But I am not quite familiar enough with these things to know how to fix this set at the moment, if I can at all. So, any help would be much appreciated.