Hello CPF!

I have a few Oveready modded Surefires, namely a bored C2 and a bored 9P that both came with frosted lenses. I bought clear lenses from Vinh, but they seem far too thin to fit in place of the frosted lens.

SO, in looking for a replacement, the only source I can find on line is VIA Lumensfactory from China. I'm not against this route, but it seems crazy to me that it's the only option. Ebay has a few listings for some 2.9mm thick glass, where LumensFactory states theirs is 3.4mm, which is what I feel like is the "right" glass for my host given the thinner option was evidently, too thin. Also it seems O-rings are rather hard to find, unless they come with the lenses.... any advice?

SO CPF where should I get my replacement glass for my newer model surefires? How thick should it be? Is there something I am missing about replacement of OR-modded Surefires? OR themselves are OOS for those lenses.

Thanks in advance!