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Thread: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

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    Default [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Hi guys ... In this review we will see the ThruNite T1 : pocket EDC with a 1500 lumen Turbo, equipped with Cree XHP50 LED and powered by 18350 lithium batteries. Here link of products. Coupon code to use in the official website: "20%" for 20% off. The Thrunite T1 is also on Amazon Here

    Packaging and content
    The ThruNite T1 comes in a rigid cardboard box with the company logo and the design of the product printed on it. Inside the package we find, neatly arranged:
    • The Torch "ThruNite T1"
    • 2x spare O-rings
    • USB charging cable
    • 18350 protected 1100mAh top button battery
    • Laynard
    • Belt clip
    • Replacement cap for the micro-USB port
    • User Manual

    Main features
    • Use a CREE XHP50 HD NW or CW LED
    • Maximum output 1500lm
    • Maximum luminous intensity 2600cd with 102m shooting
    • Working Voltage 2.7V - 4.2V
    • Dimensions: 69.5 (length) x 26.5mm (head diameter) x 22mm (body diameter)
    • Weight: 71.5g (with battery)
    • High quality aluminum alloy material
    • Lens with anti-reflective treatment
    • IPX8 waterproof up to a depth of 2m
    • Max runtime up to 14 days
    • Ramping Mode
    • Power supply: 1 x 18350 (included)
    • Magnetic tailcap
    • Lockout function

    The body and the materials
    The ThruNite T1 is a small EDC, light and compact, with a powerful turbo and a lot of beam. The version in my possession has a Cree XHP50 HD LED in Neutral White version (tending to warm) which guarantees excellent color rendering especially in nature.

    The T1 to the touch offers a beautiful sensation of solidity and strength. The quality of the materials is evident, the thicknesses are abundant and the finishes are cared for down to the smallest detail.

    The torch body has a beautiful non-slip knurling with vertical and horizontal milling. The grip is excellent in all conditions.

    Anodizing is perfect as is the lettering (well centered and without smudges).

    The tailcap is smooth, without any particular processing. Being flat, the torch can be positioned like a candle (tailstanding). Inside there is a neodymium magnet that allows the T1 to be attached to any ferromagnetic surface, even in a vertical position.

    The tailcap there has a hole for inserting the laynard.

    The threads are anodized, but the current is carried out through the smooth, non-anodized part seen in the picture.

    Physical lockout in addition to the electronic one is allowed. At the negative pole we have a thick golden spring, while at the positive pole a small protruding button. The circuitry is visible.

    The torch can be powered with 18350 cells of any type. Bundled comes an 1100mah top button cell branded Thrunite. Flat top batteries with or without PCB can also be used.

    The electronic switch is rubber, slightly protruding and with a status LED inside it.

    On the opposite side of the switch is the micro USB port for charging that is well protected by a rubber cap. A spare cap also comes bundled

    In your hand the T1 is very comfortable, it holds well. The easily detectable and operable button.

    The belt clip is made of steel, it is installed from the side of the tailcap but allows the torch to be attached either with the head facing upwards or downwards.

    The optical part is composed of a small and shallow parabola with orange peel finish and a lens with anti-reflective treatment. The LED is the XHP50 HD.

    User interface
    The T1 interface is simple and intuitive. There is the possibility to select the output levels by Ramping within a preset brightness range (Infinity High - Infinity Low)

    On / Off
    With a click on the switch the torch turns on, with another click the torch turns off.

    Lock / Unlock
    To lock the torch, simply access the "firefly mode" by pressing the switch for 1 second and then hold the switch for another 3 seconds. To exit the electronic lock just hold the switch for 3 seconds.

    Variation Output Levels
    When the light is on, a long press on the switch will allow you to vary the brightness from the "Infinity Low" level to the "Infinity High" level. Pressing the switch again will switch to reverse Ramping and therefore the output will decrease steadily until the switch is released. A double flash of the LED indicates when the lowest or highest level is reached.

    Direct access to the firefly level
    Pressing the switch for a second, from torch off, will access the firefly level.

    Direct access to the Turbo / Strobo
    Double click for direct access to the Turbo. Triple click for the Strobe.

    Memory mode
    The T1 will switch to the previously used level every time it is turned on. This function does not apply to Firefly, Turbo and Strobo levels.

    Recharge function
    The maximum charging speed is 500mA. During charging, the status LED under the switch will be lit in Red (Blue at the end of the charge). When the status LED flashes purple it means that there is a problem with recharging.
    Only firefly and low levels can be used during the recharge phase.

    Output Levels
    Thanks to the Ramping function between the "Infiniy High" and "Infinity Low" levels, it is possible to select as many outputs as desired. The output levels of the ThruNite T1 are divided as follows:

    Turbo: 1500+408 lm declared(measured 1560 + 659lm) – 3mins + 80mins
    Infinity High: 685lm declared(measured 680lm) – 80mins
    Infinity Low: 15lm declared(measured 15lm) – 36h
    Firefly: 1lm declared(measured 1lm) – 14days
    Strobe: 700lm declared(measured 680lm) – 120mins

    Below is the discharge curve for the Turbo and High levels:

    Beam, Tint and Beamshots
    The LED of the ThruNite T1 is the big and powerful Cree XHP50 HD NW version. Alternatively, the Cool version is also available for purchase.

    The aluminum reflector is shallow and with an orange peel treatment. The beam is particularly flood, geometrically clean without strange artifacts. The tint is uniform with a slight color change on warmer colors at the end of the spill. Color rendering is excellent.
    To follow some shots in the night.

    Beamshot #1

    Beamshot #2

    Beamshot #3

    Beamshot #4

    Beamshot #5

    Beamshot #6

    Beamshot #7

    Beamshot #8

    Final considerations
    The ThruNite T1 is a small and complete EDC. Size and weight are reduced, the torch is easily transportable inside a pocket or pouch.

    The package is rich and also includes a 18350 1100mAh battery.

    Personally I find the 18350 format very apt, which manages to guarantee good power and a reasonable runtime.

    The electronic switch is of quality. Very precise and responsive. Easy to operate it allows to interact with the user interface in a very easy way.

    Nothing to say about the UI: there is Ramping Mode, direct access to the Turbo, Strobo and firefly. The power to the Turbo is satisfactory, well 1500lumen usable for a short time and then move on with the stepdown to about 700 lumens.

    The materials are of quality, the finishes with attention to detail, the abundant thicknesses. Anodizing and knurling are perfect, as is the lettering which is precise and well centered.

    Inside the tailcap there is a magnet that allows the torch to be attached to ferromagnetic surfaces even in a horizontal position. There is also the possibility, given the flat tail, to use the torch in a permanent fashion.

    The color in my copy is neutral tending to Warm, fairly uniform. The beam is flood but not too much, ideal for everyday use.
    Great product, definitely to recommend !!!

    Thanks for reading

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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Awesome review, thank you

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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Very well presented info, thank you. That’s quite impressive performance, to me. I don’t like ramping but I can see the value in this light, there’s a lot here to like.

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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Wow until I saw the light in a human hand for perspective, I thought it was much bigger than it really is.
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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    looks quite nice. With the fairly large XHP50 led and a pretty small and shallow reflector and orange peel too the beam will be on the floody side, Thrunite should have a de-dome HI version. If they did it would be hard to resist the buy button
    Nice review btw.

    Should link this to the review forum.
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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Great review! I think you just cost me some money.

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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Nicely pictured review, I like it.
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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Had this light about a week now and really like it. The broad beam is great (perhaps the widest of all my lights)...run time is great. I wish the button power indicator was more like the Olight Baton series with green, yellow, and red rather than just two stage. But still..one awesome little light.

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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Thanks for the review.

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    Default Re: [Review] - ThruNite T1 - XHP50 Neutral White, 1500lm, 18350, micro-USB - by Lock

    Very nice review! I could be mistaken as I'm not as active these days but it seems reviews of this quality aren't as common as they used to be.

    This little Thrunite seems to be a great light that would make for a good gift light or as a stepping stone into higher powered lights. Pretty impressed with the runtime charts too.
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