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    It's no secret that I have a flashlight collecting problem. However, what worries me is that I want the FW3a in every tint, and I have spent over £100 customising it, the thing only costs £40?? Am I out of my mind? Also saving for the MS18, which will be used in my back garden 😆

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    Whats a FW3a?
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    Peter's shopping list:- HDS / Oveready 170N Exec/LE and an Oveready V4 Nichia Drop In. Otherwise I'm content. Want want want, that's me.

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    Get the Titanium one, I've had mine almost two weeks and LOVE it.

    Only wish someone would make a deep pocket clip for it.
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    Do it! Collect them all. It's a wonderful product made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The ability to modify and reprogram for slower ramp speeds, etc is remarkable.
    The more I use and personalize mine, the more I am impressed with the design.

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