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Thread: Lumintop tool aa 2.0

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    Default Lumintop tool aa 2.0

    Just ordered myself a lumintop tool 2.0aa. I've been looking for a new EDC 1AA light for a while and it looks like I've found one. I know it will also take a 14500 for better output but I don't mess with lithium rechargeable. I've never owned a lumintop before but they seem to get great reviews.

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    Default Re: Lumintop tool aa 2.0

    Recently I "discovered" Lumintop, myself.

    Bought several of them,
    in various single-cell models,
    both AA and AAA.

    Quite impressed with them all.
    At least so far.

    Just wish I could purchase some
    optional magnetic tailcaps
    for my AA and AAA Tools.

    Any ideas ? ? ?


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    Default Re: Lumintop tool aa 2.0

    You could always just contact Lumintop and see if they would sell them directly. I have seen them on our favorite auction site, but not very often.
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