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Thread: What to do with a mag charger?

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    Default What to do with a mag charger?

    I have a mag light mag charger. 20 years ago it was the ultimate light for the truck. Several trucks later flashlight technology has advanced beyond the mag charger. Being a pack rat I canít bear to just pitch it. It still works. I now run 18650 Fenix and olight. Way smaller and just as functional.
    So what should I do with the old mag charger? Iím sure it could use a new battery pack but otherwise is good.

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    Default Re: What to do with a mag charger?

    Several years ago I bought a 6V battery pack(actually two batteries) with charger from Battery junction which is intended for Mag Charger.
    I did it because I found that the standard charging system with 16 hours charging time(and no possibility to use another battery during the charging time) was very unpractical. After that I got a Malkoff LED dropin for Mag Charger. While the standard halogen bulb isn't bad at all the LED will give higher output.

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    not much you can do, you can buy drop ins, but they will not be much better than your fenix or olight. i would use it someplace else, like a shed, or a basement... with new lights performing better and better, not much point spending money to upgrade MC and still be inferior to modern lights half the size,

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    Thereís also an adventure sports drop in that i like but that Malkoff is unbelievable craftsmanship
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    I figured it was kind of a dinosaur. Might eBay it. With the smaller lights performance I always have a streamlight micro in my pocket and have started carrying the olight S2R II in a tale of knives belt sheath. So not much call for the old heavy mag anymore.
    Thanks for the replies.

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