I really like Zebralight's selection and feature set but their stuff has given me nothing but problems.

As of today, every single flashlight I have purchased from Zebralight over the last several years has died due to leaking AA battery. All the models I've purchased have been AA models. I have other makes of flashlight that are AA models and not a one has leaked nor died on me (e.g., my Malkoffs). I have never had a leak in Malkoff light. Yet every Zebralight has leaked. It just seems like it's got to be the light. I'm using the same AA brand between them (Duracell).

So I swore off Zebralight AA and started buying 18650 torches. First one I received would turn on if you gently just laid your finger on the button without even a push. Second one was dead on arrival. It would never turn on.

Are other people not experiencing these same things? I can't say I feel comfortable buying from them anymore. They have great features, weight, physical design, but no reliability in my experience. And these lights are not cheap either.

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