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Thread: Lumintop tool aa 2.0 awesome

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    Default Lumintop tool aa 2.0 awesome

    Received my new lumintop tool light yesterday and I just have to say what an awesome light. I've been using a Fenix e12 as my EDC which is a great light but this one has a nicer beam with the 1AA battery than the e12. It also comes with a pocket clip which the e12 didn't.

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    Default Re: Lumintop tool aa 2.0 awesome

    What battery are you using?
    You should use Nimh.

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    Default Re: Lumintop tool aa 2.0 awesome

    Have one also, it can be used with 14500. Awesome little piece

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    I'm using an eneloop. I stay away from lithium.

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    Great light but mine didn't step down and soon got to 60c!
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    It is a cool light, but I had to get rid of the inadequate clip since it didn't allow for thick pockets and caused the light to ride too high, so I installed a clip from an older ThruNite T10, and now the light is just right for my needs.

    For the light's Tool AAA brother, the standard clip was the same, so I installed on it the older one-way clip from a Streamlight Stylus Pro, and now this Tool is also perfect for my needs.
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