So, I have a new (to me) 94 Roadmaster Estate and the lighting is...dismal, compared to my Volvo 242. Admittedly, it /is/ cheating to compare the Buick to the Volvo, because the Volvo has 7" Cibie E-codes with Philips XtremeVisions and a relay harness, but the point still stands... I have a new car, and the forward lighting is terrible compared to the 40 year old Volvo parked next to it. How do I fix this? A relay harness is a given, because stock GM wiring, but past that...

Also, on a semi-related note, is there an easy-ish way to convert to the T84 spec taillights with the amber turn signals (read: I hate red turn signals... I hate them, hate them, hate them because they aren't unambiguous!!!) instead of the red, or are the brakes and turn signals sharing a feed wire?

I know the T84 headlights used to exist, but a set of those is worth more than I paid for the car.