Hi flashlight people,

Looking for some info. Just got a v3 armytek preditor Pro which showed up in a brown box instead of the larger white boxes and came with the following set of instructions. I noticed that there doesn't appear to be an option allowing me to add strobe to hunting mode like on the manual given on the armytek website (see bottom photo). Bought this from a 3rd party so wondering if the one I have is old stock of the early v3s and didn't come with this option. Does anyone know if this is the case.

Also, the manual says turbo 2 is "boost mode" at 1700lumes and turbo 1 is "constant brightness mode". does this mean that turbo 2 is unregulated and not constant brightness? Or is this something to do with heat build up in 1700lumens mode? The manual on the website doesn't make any reference to boost mode and constant brightness mode.

Any help with the above questions by you enlightened bunch would be much appreciated