Hi everyone,

So a little story behind these lights...In 2012 I was working at a Radioshack. A gentlemen came in and started asking me about different switches and various other electronic parts (hard to remember now) but I asked him what he needed them for and he responded he had some ideas for flashlights. We got to talking and it turns out he worked for Surefire, if I recall correctly he said he was VP of product design. So I mentioned I didn't have anything that nice but that I loved my Fenix LD20 (Still do BTW, it was 3 years old back then) and his response was along the lines of "Eh, Chinese junk, I'll bring you some real lights!" Sure enough, he stopped in just a day or two later and gave me 3 Surefire lights; I gave one to an employee and kept the other two. A little while after that he came in and he gave me 2 prototype headlamps. Really cool guy and full of information.

I do not know what models the flashlights he gave me are and I have tried to find them to no avail. I don't know if they are also prototypes or not; I'm hoping someone here can help.

The bodies look like the G2 series bodies but the tail cap and fore-end are aluminum. The tail caps are laser engraved "www.surefire.com". The smaller one just has a window over the LED and a single mode but the larger has a window (possibly glass), a removable bezel that allows the aspheric lens to come out (lens appears to be plastic), and two modes. Both use 2 x CR123s

Here is one of the head lamps. These do not actually say Surefire anywhere on them, the light just has "PROTOTYPE" laser engraved on the top and bottom. Interestingly I did locate this eBay listing (linked below images) and you can see that it is the exact same prototype head lamp however these are laser engraved with Surefire.


I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or info and thanks in advance!