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Thread: Lost and found

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    Default Lost and found

    I’ve had my new Fenix E16 for about a month, and have really been liking it. Compact, powerful, warm tint, hat clip – all very nice. The pocket clip seems to clip fairly tightly, so I’ve been clipping it to the inside of my front pocket to try to keep the finish nice, rather that getting the “weathered” look from riding inside the pocket with a knife and coins, like the E15 and E05 in the pic have.

    Anyway, the new light came up missing after a trip to the airport one day last week. I searched everywhere for a day and a half and tried to backtrack everywhere I had used it. I was about to order another one but wanted to give it a day to keep looking. I finally found it down inside the plastic cover at the bottom edge of my truck seat where the seatbelt retracts into. It was barely visible and just barely fit into that opening, but I thought to look in there after feeling around that area with my left hand while driving down the road, since I was carrying the light in the left pocket. I'm lucky it went in there instead of falling out out of the vehicle.

    Moral to the story - the clip keeps it tight to the pocket if you tug against the light itself, but if something like a seatbelt hooks the clip “outside” the pocket, it releases the grip and the light comes right out. I think I’m going to go back to just carrying it in the pocket and not worry about it getting the stonewashed look. I do love the small Fenix lights.

    It sure is a good feeling to find a light (or knife) that you’ve lost. I’ve lost a few that I didn’t get back, and a couple that I did. Has anyone else lost a light and found it later?

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    I got a good one similar to that. I had a Surefire E2-BK I used to carry clipped to my left front pocket back in the early 2000's. One day in the middle of winter it was gone. Not sure what happened. I looked all over the place for it. Never found it. A few months go by and I pull up into the driveway of my mother's house and get out of the car. There it is at my feet sticking out of the ice on the edge of the driveway. It had flown out of my pocket while I got out of the car one day and I never noticed it. Not sure how many times it got run over by vehicles and my snow blower went over it while it was covered in snow and ice, but it still looked just fine. Took it home, washed it off and put some new batteries in. It was back in service the next night at my security job as my backup light.

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    I lost my first-run B.O.S.S. 70 once. The next 15 seconds were terrible. But I sure felt good when they had passed.

    Never point a flashlight at anything you don't intend to illuminate! Never buy a flashlight you have to make payments on.

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    Default Re: Lost and found

    The considerable slimness & unobtrusiveness of the 2xAAA penlight has caused me to lose two of them over the past ~12yrs or so.
    My most recent one (a new Pelican 1920) went MIA for a week (slipped out of jeans pocket between car seat & side panel); was certainly relieved for that one to not be the third. :-/

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