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Thread: looking for opinions about MF Tactical or Monster Flashlights

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    Default looking for opinions about MF Tactical or Monster Flashlights

    Hello all, haven't had to buy a flashlight in 10+ years but my Hybrid Light solar powered lights are finally worn out and I've been looking for a nice high quality light to replace them with. In my research so far I am favoring Olight and Monster Flashlight. There is plenty of info around about Olight but very little about MF. I'm looking for what people have to say about Monster Flashlights. Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: looking for opinions about MF Tactical or Monster Flashlights

    Welcome to CPF

    Until this post I’ve never of Monster Flashlights.
    Selling from inside the US is a good point.
    The Assembled in the US means just that. Imported parts screw together by Americans.
    And perhaps a better quality control than the off the boat form China stuff.

    But – I see the Lumens listed as “rated by Cree”
    This is not ANSI lumens or out the front at 30 seconds (as far as I know).
    The add on price for batteries is quite expensive compared to buying a name brand cell at someplace like imrbatteries.

    Also, I didn’t see any warranty info.
    Usually if there is a superior warranty, the maker makes it a big selling point.

    But once again, I know nothing about them.
    Olight makes good stuff. Their lights tend to lean toward the higher K values.

    Perhaps if you tell us what you are looking for as far as size, outputs, and beam patterns, the CPFs would be happy to chime in.
    All the Best,
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    Default Re: looking for opinions about MF Tactical or Monster Flashlights

    They are actually fully "Made in USA" with American sourced components and not simply Assembled in USA. From what I can tell so far its a legit claim, that's a huge plus to me.

    I'm not super concerned about the lumen ratings, the 3 flashlights I've owned in my life were a 3D incandescent Maglite, a 2 AA incandescent Maglite, and the previosuly mentioned solar rechargeable Hybrid light, I doubt any of them were over 100 lumens. Even if it was off by 100 lumens, that is still 10 times brighter than anything I'm used to and would be a much welcomed improvement.

    They offer a 1 year warranty which is lacking compared to the 5 year Olight warranty.

    I actually prefer higher K values in my lighting so I am fine with that.

    I'm a tech nerd and flashlights are becoming a new hobby for me to spend time and money on, I have no professional uses or needs. It's mostly for simple tasks around the house, working on cars, checking on some noise in the backyard at night, simple stuff like that. My boys will be old enough to start camping with them soon so that will be a potential future use. One huge factor for me is that my wife is epileptic and strobing lights are a trigger for her, so any light that requires you to cycle through any kind of SOS/Strobe mode is an immediate no go. I tried to purchase an Anker brand flashlight 6 months ago and had to return it immediately because it had no memory and forced you to cycle through high/med/low/strobe in that order.

    So far I've been looking at the Olight Seeker 2 pro and the MF Tactical Tango U2. I like the Seeker 2 because is has crazy powerful output in such a small package and their charging system seems really unique, don't really like their "customized 21700 battery" though, seems like it could be difficult to replace in the future. I really like the Tango U2 because it has a rotating control dial to adjust modes so I never have to cycle through the strobing to change back and forth between brightness levels. I would not order their overpriced batteries for sure, I've been looking into batteries from orbtronic so far and I think I will wind up with a XTAR VC2s charger for the flexibility of a USB power source.

    Thanks again for any tips/info you can provide.

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