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Thread: (Beamshots review) IMALENT MS18

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    Default (Beamshots review) IMALENT MS18

    Today is a Beamshots video of the IMALENT MS18, a 100,000 lumen Beast of a flashlight that blows away any other flashlight in existence in sheer light output. We took this flashlight to many places to try to get the best shots possible for you guys to truly understand how bright this flashlight actually is. This flashlight puts out 100,000 lumens along with 450,000 candela, it has a built-in battery pack as well as active cooling to keep down the extreme temperatures that would arise if you didnít correctly cool 18 XHP 70.2 LEDs running at full bore. I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more videos like this!

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    Thank you for posting your valuable video beamshots. Please tell us more about your impressions. Please tell us about how the actual brightness compares to the brightness that the video camera shows.
    I am thinking about getting this light to go with my R90TS, but I have not seen much print from users after they got this light.

    Again, Thank you!
    Imalent R90TS. MS18. Acebeam two X65Vn, K75, X45vn70.2. Eagtac MX25L4CvnT XP-L. Fx TK75vnQ70. Nc TM06Svn 4 x XHP50.2. Meteor M43vn XP-L dd. P60vn Quad XP-L HD 2 cell host Cryos Cu head. Tnt TN36UTvn, TN42vn.

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