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Thread: V11r First Impressions w 3500k E21a

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    Default V11r First Impressions w 3500k E21a

    First Impressions

    V11r modded to E21a 3500k, repacked control ring w Nyogel 767a

    blue locktite:

    XM-L2 star about to be unsoldered:

    E21a, freehand centered (from Clemence, his reflow, his mcpcb):


    I like the 3500k E21a better, because it is more pink, than the 3500k 219b
    I like the N219b 3000k better, because it is more orange, than the two 3500k

    Initial V11r lumens on 16340 w 6000k low CRI XM-L2 was 0.01 low and 420 lumens max (spec is 1 lumen low, and 570 lumens max w 16340)
    after the swap to 3500k High CRI E21a, 0.02 low, and 255 lumens maximum, that is a 40% drop

    The control ring arrived very loose due to old grease. The Nyogel made it noticeably resistant to turning but can still be done with one finger.

    Im waiting for a replacement reflector, atm the stock reflector produces rings in the spill w the E21a, plus there is a cross in the center of the beam when closer than 3" from the target. otoh, when shining on a wall 25 feet away, I like the tight hotspot w the E21a.

    the V11r arrived with a metal switch cover that made noise and felt wrong. Installed the rubber switch cap, which I like better. The clip was not to my liking.. took it off..

    E21a 3500k, YES!
    I would do it again...
    all opinions subject to change.. lol

    relative tint, iphone auto white balance

    the 3500k is "whiter" than incandescent.. makes for a nice evening light..

    the V11r reflector makes a tighter hotspot than my RRT-01's that are flanking it.

    Im really conflicted about the tailswitch on the V11r, but it has its strong points
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    Default Re: V11r First Impressions w 3500k E21a

    Great review

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