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Thread: HEADLAMP! Custom- SPOT ~1000+ Lumens & additional FLOOD ----0- Ideas,

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    Thinking HEADLAMP! Custom- SPOT ~1000+ Lumens & additional FLOOD ----0- Ideas,

    Looking to make a custom HEADLAMP.

    Will be using a 18650 setup. Willing to use multiple 18650 and or make a remote pack for all night use.

    Hoping for true 1000+ Lumens up to 2000 range. Not posed to more. This needs to be a SPOT pattern in WHITE

    Maybe a Spot Pattern in RED also.

    Need FLOOD in red and White.

    Modes need to include
    - SPOT full, medium, low
    - FLOOD full, medium, low
    - RED or WHITE selection mode

    Can be multiple switches

    Water resistant

    Charging over USB-C PD - Maybe programming over it too?

    Some ideas I have had are just take apart a couple lights I already own and cobble something together. I have one of the Dewalt SPot Lights with the RED spot too. Could turn that into a headlamp with a remote battery.

    Ideas? Builders?

    Direction on drivers, chargers, etc.? Help me brainstorm.
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    Default Re: HEADLAMP! Custom- SPOT ~1000+ Lumens & additional FLOOD ----0- Ideas,

    So far, looks like I am building this myself.

    Decided on a couple LED options.

    - one single in natural white
    - one triple in natural White.

    -one triple RED

    Cree Custom
    - one three up,
    ---UV 400-410
    ---UV 410-420
    ---ROyal Blue XP-E2

    Cree Custom
    -three up
    ---XP-L Natural White
    ---UV 400-410
    ---XP-E2 RED


    Carclo Plain Tight Spot
    Carclo Plain Tight Spot 3 Up


    USB-C PD
    -ZY12PDN Type-C PD to DC USB Fast Charge Trigger Poller

    Looking for drivers now that can run all 3 of the XP-L's Any Recommendations? Thats 3 Amps x 3 = 9 Amps. So maybe 10Amps total driver?
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    Default Re: HEADLAMP! Custom- SPOT ~1000+ Lumens & additional FLOOD ----0- Ideas,

    Something like this?

    0-10+ Amp capable LED Flashlight driver board 17mm, Cree XHP70, XHP50, XML2, XPL\ vt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=500743716141_201546868150&targeti d=539174380555&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=10151 97&campaignid=6470648147&mkgroupid=74956728902&rls atarget=pla-539174380555&abcId=1139336&merchantid=6296724&gcli d=CjwKCAjwibzsBRAMEiwA1pHZrutJt3vi815qmJWAMZPdUjRa PS1V9KSIRT_WlRtbOxuEiygloxm5OBoCvSoQAvD_BwE
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