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Thread: Perspective.

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    Default Perspective.

    Once upon a time, a young(er) scout24 played with mini Maglites and the occasional 2D plastic incan lights like everyone else. Kept a 2D Mag in the car. Discovered Gerber/CMG Infinitys. LED's were fun but dim. 2xAA Minimag was king for edc. Stumbled onto Fenix LOD with a 10440 and found CPF. The rest if the insanity is well documented...

    I was using a modded light today that I have a stock version of as well. Side by side, almost impossible to tell which is which unless you look at the business end. Back when I found CPF, it was still being made, used, carried, and was respected for the role it played. A small single cell incan of known lineage and quality, great beam, punched a bit above it's weight class.

    Fast forward to today. A mere 11 years later. Sounds like a lifetime in production cycles in today's new-iphone-every-year world where tv screens are now bigger than most people are tall. Same body. Same sized power source. Close to unlimited combinations of emitter, tint, bin, flavor of optic, trits, glow rings, probably a half dozen choices of driver that can be had, some with colored led secondaries. (your choice of color, btw...)

    A dear friend is fond of saying "It's a good time to be a flashaholic." I couldn't agree more. I respectfully suggest those who complain there hasn't been a new flavor of the week this week need to take a step back and look at how far we've come in so short an amount of time. I can fit more output in my choice of everything mentioned above in the palm of my hand than was available in full sized lights when I got here unless you were willing to wait for one of the Wizard like modders here to work their magic. And that wasn't a guarantee. Parts broke. Cells smoked. Emitters poofed. Much magic smoke was released. Safety parameters were being created as they went along. These are the "Good old days..."

    End of old-guy rant. No more flashlight groups on Facebook for me today. Cool pic time. (Triple credit to Tana...)

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    Default Re: Perspective.

    NIce rant, thank you, and less of the "old Guy" bit.
    I'm also enjoying your ever changing sig line. I can't imagine what will happen next.
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    I like to think about the time I first turned on a Rayz 1000 lumen 9 x AA. My whole night life suddenly lit up. And then the 1,600 lumen MMU-X3. And then 5,233 lumen Niwalker MM15. And then 8,000 lumen Noctigon Meteor M43Vn. And much, much more. None of my friends or family are interested. None of them have any idea as to how much Gods' light has recently given me the strength to continue my journey on earth. None of them have any clue as to how much of God's Spirit, sent from Heaven to mans' God-gifted hands, has given me the light to continue my journey on the surface of this not so very Heavenly earth. Not a clue. Not one iota.

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    Default Re: Perspective.

    Thanks for the post. I couldn’t agree with a lot of this more.
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    Default Re: Perspective.

    Quote Originally Posted by the0dore3524 View Post
    [...] I couldn’t agree with a lot of this more.
    I could agree with a little of this less.

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    'Nuf said?
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