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Thread: LH351d 5000k compared to N219b 4500k sw45k

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    Default LH351d 5000k compared to N219b 4500k sw45k

    I modded an RRT-01 to High CRI today

    The LH351d is 34% brighter than the sw45k

    Tint comparisons:

    max outputs, using IMR 18350
    640 lumens stock RRT-01
    545 lumens w LH351d 5000k, 15% drop
    408 lumens w sw45k , 36% drop

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    Default Re: LH351d 5000k compared to N219b 4500k sw45k

    Which do you prefer ?
    ... is the archimedes peak

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    Default Re: LH351d 5000k compared to N219b 4500k sw45k

    I prefer the Nichia for the negative duv and higher R9 CRI

    Most of my use is at times when Im adapted to indoor daylight, and incandescent.
    I seldom need more than 200 lumens.

    Someone adapted to sunlight, and that needs more than 200 lumens, might prefer the brighter LH351d, and might not notice, or care, about the green tint.
    Sunlight has greener tint than incandescent.

    here is an example of how the apparent color temperature of a light changes, depending on ambient white balance


    did another mod to the RRT-01

    wanted to add more grease (second time)
    removed lh351d to access the control ring
    swapped in an sw45k

    this is what the beam looks like at night under incandescent

    Im happy with the progress. The control ring feels smoother, the reflector works better, no rings in the spill, and the hotspot is tighter. All that and High CRI. What's not to love? A grail for me.

    the LH351d was making 510 lumens
    the sw45k is making 365 lumens

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