MecArmy TPX10 Mini Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Pen

TPX10 (1).jpg

After a long time test and use, this Mini Bolt Action pen get approval for everyday use.

TPX10 (3) 贴图.jpgTPX10 (5)_贴图.jpgTPX10 (4)_贴图.jpgTPX10 (2) 贴图.jpg

*Specially designed 18 antiskid strip and 24 water drop on the pen
*Uses Germany LAMY M22 refill
*The pen combination by 12 parts with CNC precision machining, each parts completed by multiple working procedure
*L-type bolt action design for quick pop out and back the refill
*CNC machined pocket clip
*Bearing on top, allows tool to be used for fun
*Vial slots concealed on the top (6pcs 6*1.5mm)
*High quality ceramic beads inserted for self defense