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Thread: Deal Extreme still a source for folks here?

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    Question Deal Extreme still a source for folks here?

    It's been years since I've haunted these forums (fora?), so I thought I'd come on back and see what's new in the illumination world. I seem to remember the Chinese outfit Deal Extreme being a source of small flashlights of generally good to very good quality (a couple I bought nearly 10 yrs. ago are still working). I see no mention of them in recent posts, and I just had a, well, strange transaction with them in which I had one each of two brand of small lights in my cart, but when I made the purchase (through PayPal), I was charged for three of one brand and two of the other. I have started a dispute with PP and notified my bank, but I wanted to see if anyone else still does business with DX and if so, did you have any problems. Thanks for any info you all can provide.


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    Default Re: Deal Extreme still a source for folks here?

    DX is currently not a subscriber dealer on CPF.

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