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Thread: Lumintop FW3A: which model?

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    Default Lumintop FW3A: which model?

    Hi, I finally decided to buy the Lumintop FW3A. But I don't know which one and I'd like to ask some questions:
    1) Which are the differences between 3 CREE XP-L HI and SST-20 version?
    2) Is the SST-20 version newer than 3 CREE XP-L HI version? If it is so, how many months is it newer?
    3) If I use turbo for few seconds, is SST-20 less powerful about lumens?
    4) I'm really undecided which model to buy, which do you recommend between 3 CREE XP-L HI and SST-20 version? Which of both do you like more?
    5) If you sggest me to buy Luminus SST-20 versione, where can I buy it?
    Thank you very much to clear my ideas.

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    Default Re: Lumintop FW3A: which model?

    On my Emisar D4V2, I went with quad SST-20s in 4000K and I don't see any green tint at lower outputs, which can be a 'thing' with those emitters.

    CRI is 95 and there was no surcharge for the Luminus LEDs.

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    Default Re: Lumintop FW3A: which model?

    i have sst20 and xpl.. if u want more flood then xpl is better and sst20 a little throwier so meaning the hotspot on the sst20 will be bigger vs the xpl... it all comes down to taste what u want... not sure which one is oldest tho.. i guess the cree xpl ?

    here is a good place to buy from neals gadgets,

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