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    Does anybody know if there is a way to put a clickey switch on a surefire lx2

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    If I recall, the head is Surefire E series compatible. So if you put the head on an E body with the proper cells, the head should work in high mode as a clicky. I can't imagine wanting to lose the "gas pedal" high low personally. Low mode is controlled by the resistor in the tailcap so you'd never have two levels with a clicky. Maybe Tana can mod the head with a different driver/emitter to give you what you want? Welcome to CPF, by the way... 😁
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    Thanks for the advice

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    The only downside to that is loosing the two stage (gas pedal) functionality. Imo the best part about the lx2.

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    No easy way. If it's in good condition, you're better off selling it and getting something like an E2D Led Defender or a tactician. Alternatively, if you can still find them, there's the E2L or the EB2-C Backup.

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    You could put the head on a new body. If you want it to match you might be limited to models like the L4, E2O, or a natural E2. If not, there are few options out there (Malkoff makes a one piece body and tail). If you like the beam. I highly suggest the older E2DL. Same high beam with the addition of a low beam and clicky tail. They are a little older, so you can find them pretty cheap, or you might be able to trade your LX2 for one in the classifieds.

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