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I have been very vocally anti-alkaline in the past, but I've now run something like three dozen alkaline D cells through incan Maglites with no issues. The cells are never in the light for more than 2 or 3 weeks tops, and I've been blessed with no leaks so far.
My experience is the AA and especially AAA cells are prone to leaks more than C and D cells. Sure if you leave some D's in a Maglite for several years, they'll probably be leaked and corroded when you open up the light, but as I mentioned in another thread I've seen AA's new in the package with an exp date 8+ years in the future leaked all over the place. Seems to be more or better quality control on C's and D's. Or maybe we just don't notice it as much because we don't use a lot of them anymore. And I don't recall seeing a lantern battery with F cells leak before, though the cheaper lantern batteries have D cells in them. Reminds me that I need to check a several year old battery in a lantern light now.

Seems like years ago, alkaline batteries didn't leak nearly as much as they do nowadays. Maybe it helps the battery makers sell more of other types of batteries. Or maybe they just make them too fast and with too lax QC nowadays. Or maybe all is the case now!