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Thread: High powered MR16 LED bulbs for bike light

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    Default High powered MR16 LED bulbs for bike light

    Folks - I would like your help.
    I built my own bicycle headlights about 10 years ago. Two MR16 LED bulbs mounted into the heads of Maglight flighlights, and mounted to my handlebars. Powered by a 12-volt 5.5 Amp-hr sealed lead-acid battery.
    Nice and bright for back then, but one now has a cracked lens. Figured it was now time to upgrade. Looking for something powerful, relatively narrow beam . . . say up to 30 degrees or so? I am having a difficult time drilling down through all of the bulbs that I find online. Many of them are nothing special, just simple replacements for interior or exterior home use. I want something with plenty of light for a safe ride.

    Oh, typical use . . . I bicycle to work year round. Bike home in the dark the months of November through about February.

    I would appreciate any good sources or recommendations.

    Thanks . . .

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    Default Re: High powered MR16 LED bulbs for bike light

    Have you considered investing in a dedicated bike light? Fenix, Klarus, Nitecore and JetBeam all make at least one now. A few under $100.

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    Default Re: High powered MR16 LED bulbs for bike light

    Narrow beam is the wrong way to do it. Remember, conspicuity (others' ability to see you) is just as critical as your ability to see the path ahead of you. A narrow beam means cars approaching from side streets and driveways will have a hard time seeing you.

    Also, MR16s are not appropriate bicycle headlamps. The beam pattern is wrong. Do as lightfooted suggests and get a headlamp that's designed and intended for the task.

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    Default Re: High powered MR16 LED bulbs for bike light

    The previous posts are spot on.

    Today’s bike lights are far more powerful and efficient than the LED MR16’s from 10 years ago.
    Another consideration is that pretty much all bike lights use lightweight lithium batteries and can be easily and conveniently charged at work or home using a USB cord....

    There are reviews of bike lights all over the www, a little research will have you zipping along in no time!

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    Default Re: High powered MR16 LED bulbs for bike light

    yea, as much as i like building lights, there are quite a few factory bike lights, that are very good; bright, light, convenient, and have a long runtime,
    i did build few bike lights however, what i noticed, when using off the shell optics, neither spot nor flood are really that good, my best results were using an oval lens, in vertical position, it illuminates a road pretty far, but not much on the sides, best results were with 10-40 degree, horizontal gives good side illumination, i made lightheads individually adjustable, all builds were from scratch. except drivers tirs, and batteries.

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    Are you riding an E-Bike? A 12V lead acid battery seems like a very heavy way to go unless you have some pedal assist. You may want to consider Dynamo lights, if you want something that permanent.

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