I'm looking for a high quality blue or green laser pointer for astronomy. I had been recommended a Z-Bolt unit and it was great for the hour or so that it worked. It seems the unit I received was defective. I smashed it open and discovered the design flaw and so I'm now looking for a proper "quality" laser pointer.

The unit I had was a 450nm 4.5mW. I'd prefer that the replacement be a little bit brighter and closer to the 5mW limit to make the beam more visible but if I have to go with a green 515nm, I'd prefer it be less than, maybe, 4mW to prevent it from being overly visible.

I'd also prefer that it can be operated both momentary and constant on. I found the clicky switch on the Z-Bolt to be annoying to use when pointing out stars and constellations while it worked.