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Thread: Trying to retirieve passowrd failing.

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    Default Trying to retirieve passowrd failing.

    I have come in as REALOLdNick, because I cannot retrieve my password for OldNick (Firefox has a stored one which is apparently wrong).

    I ask to be sent an email to refresh my OldNick password, and enter the verification. The page goes blank with little messages in the bottom left hand corner about such things as googleanalytics and handshaking. But after several minutes nothing happened.

    As OldNick I have made many posts here over years. REALOldnick is continually being told I have less than 3 posts and there are some restriction and nuisances every time I post.

    Is this a temporary issue, not getting passwords reset?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Trying to retirieve passowrd failing.

    Please email with the email address you want to use for your account.

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