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    So Iíve recently gotten back into flashlights and weaponlights and Iíve noticed a new (to me) measurement of ďthrow.Ē Yearís back it seemed like the only measurement for throw was Lux. Now Iím seeing Candela. Thatís all fine, but the problem Iím having is comparing the two. For example: Malkoff lists their numbers in Lux and folks like Modlight, Cloud defensive and even Surefire are listing in Candela. How can I compare directly the numbers from Malkoff to the other guys? Is there a conversion or are they completely different measurement parameters? Thanks for any and all help!

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    Lux is a measure of intensity (lumens / meter^2) and can be taken at any distance. Candela is lux at a distance of 1m. Usually when a light is rated in lux they mean 1m distance, but I have seen some use 5m. Because of this, some people use lux and candela interchangeably even though lux should always specify a distance.
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    ^^ Exactly.

    I prefer the term candela used by a light maker because it tells me without thinking real hard if it is a thrower, flooder or in between. Yet a lux number can provide that too, it's that I'm used to seeing candela mentioned these days.

    To me lux is used by military type lights where candela by civilian based lights. Not always the case but just what my brain thinks when I see the two terms.
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