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Thread: Breeze Power Solar Generators Reviews

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    Grinser2 Breeze Power Solar Generators Reviews

    Hey Everyone, I just want to ask you guys that if you ever have used Solar Generators for your camping or any adventure.

    Awaiting for your response
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    Default Re: Breeze Power Solar Generators Reviews

    Hello and welcome. I approved your post in edited form in the interest of discussion. Please familiarize yourself with CPF's advertising and supporter subscription policies. Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Breeze Power Solar Generators Reviews

    I'm a weekend camper and don't have a need for a large battery power bank, nor the need to recharge it before I get back home.
    I use 18650 LiIon powered lights, and this set-up can last me a week.

    I'll also bring a small power bank for my cell phone, but I usually don't need it.
    If my car is close enough that I would consider packing in a large power bank, I'd probably just use the car to recharge stuff.
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