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Thread: Magic Scorpion - Transformers (12V 50W)

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    Default Magic Scorpion - Transformers (12V 50W)

    Designed and Produced in China by a Chinese Flashaholic in 2012-2013. I usually do not collect Chinese made incandescent flashlights due to quality but this one is an exception. The basic version comes with 3 x 18650 serial battery holder, and G4 / G6.32 bi pin socket. Internal adjustment of focus is possible, and different battery holders and barrels are available so it makes it possible to use different kinds of Halogen bulbs in the market. The basic version comes with a Philips 7027 G6.35 Halogen bulb (12V, 50W, 1600 lumens, 50 hrs bulb life), while using 3 x 18650 it is less than 12V but the output is close to 1000 lumens and the tint is... perfect!!

    What makes it better is that even it is a high output incandescent light, the Keeppower P1831R protected 18650 works perfectly. This battery has 4 mosfect and the cell is actually a Sony VTC6.

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    Aaaand you have 4.....
    Great, my incan obsession just died a little

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