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Thread: HuntLight FT-01XSE 3W repair and upgrade

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    Default HuntLight FT-01XSE 3W repair and upgrade

    I have a huntlight FT-01XSE with original 3W led that has been kind of hinky since it was new. In fact my friend gave it to me years ago because it never quite worked right. Today I finally took it apart and solved the problem, which was that the piece that holds the reflector and LED module into the front bezel was just a hair too long, or perhaps the reflector was a hair short. I put the part in my lathe and turned a hair off of the front end that stops against the bezel. I probably should have measured before and after, but I forgot to do that. Anyway, the light now works like a champ and doesn't randomly turn off. My previous solution was a bit of aluminum foil to take up the extra space, but that was less than ideal. If anyone else is having problems with this light like this, it is an easy solution (if you have a lathe or a friend with a lathe). I'm surprised my friend didn't fix this himself, since he is the one who taught me how to run a lathe in the first place, and was very much into flashlight tinkering...

    anyway, now all cleaned, and lubed up, it is a nice little light. If anyone can point me to any good upgrades I can do with this light, I'd appreciate that. the original LED (I think luxeon?) has decent throw, but is a little greenish for my taste. I'd also like to be able to dim the light, but I imagine that's not an easily added function. Might just leave as is, and look for another light that has that function and better LED in one? Also tempted to fit this with some kind of ~6V rechargable circuit and use it attached to generator on my bicycle, since it is plenty bright for riding in town. No need for changing brightness in that case. If there is a way to put a brighter, more efficient LED on the existing board (or some other way), please let me know!

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    I read that with CR123A cells, this light is regulated. does that mean that it will turn off automatically the cells deplete or does it simply give regulated output to maintain constant brightness as long as there is enough power in the batteries to do so? Wondering how troublesome it would be to run unprotected cells in this light.

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    That light was the reason i joined the forum. It died a few years ago, probably from loneliness
    a single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows- St. Francis of Assissi

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    Default Re: HuntLight FT-01XSE 3W repair and upgrade

    I've got one of those from way back when. I've had it so long that when I put in batts and turned it on a couple of months ago and it began blinking, I thought it was broken.

    I was cleaning it today, trying to get it to "work" when I accidentally half-pressed the clicky and it went from a slow strobe to an SOS. D'oh! Suddenly, I remembered that the UI is High, Med, Low, strobe, SOS and it remains on the last mode used.

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    Default Re: HuntLight FT-01XSE 3W repair and upgrade


    One of the original P60 hosts

    I just put a Sportac drop-in my FT-01PJ, threw in a old unprotected green Ultrafire 18650 & it fired right up.
    ..believe the
    FT-01XSE is the same overall chassis, but don't quote me on that

    Put the drop-in into the bezel first, than the entire head (just to snug) to the body tube, don't overtighten anything.
    unprotected 18650s' really barely fit width wise, but they do.

    lot's of drop-in options

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    Orbital, thanks for the link... should keep me busy reading for a little while

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