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Thread: Fenix E-11 equivalents

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    Default Fenix E-11 equivalents

    Hey all, Iím looking for a new EDC flashlight for work. I had a Fenix E-11 and loved it, but lost it and now canít find another one even on eBay, so hopefully someone makes an equivalent.

    What I want-

    Single AA battery. While not the greatest power source, itís super common and I can find them at a gas station if I need to change batteries while Iím on a job site and run out of my supply in the truck.

    Tail cap switch. My hands are often oily or greasy, I need to be able to activate the light easily without having to roll it around in my hand to find a side button or try and twist the head.

    Small size, the E-11 was just about the size of a Chapstick tube and I felt was about perfect. Not too small to hold in the hand comfortably, but small enough to ride in the front pocket of jeans or be held in the mouth without a problem.

    Narrow flood/ medium flood beam. Light is mostly used crawling around working on heavy equipment though would be nice to throw up to maybe 10 yards or so.

    LED, but I hate multi- mode lights with a passion. The E-11 had two modes that were changed by rotating the head, I actually took the head apart and put loctite on the threads so that it would stay in high mode. I want to press one button one time, turn the light on, press the same button one time and turn the light off. I donít want to scroll through multiple outputs, strobes, etc just to turn a light on or off.

    Output- 100 lumens or less, 60-80 is probably about right.

    Battery life- an hour or two continuous.

    The light needs to be fairly rugged, it gets carried in pockets or tool bags, occasionally dropped and often exposed to automotive type chemicals.

    Price range, $100 or less and ideally $60 or less.

    The Fenix E-11 was perfect, but since I havenít had any luck finding one anywhere (even eBay) Iím open to whatever yíall might be aware of that falls along these lines.


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    Default Re: Fenix E-11 equivalents

    Is there a reason the Fenix E12 doesn't do it for you? I don't have one but the E12 is supposedly similar to the E11 in most aspects.

    Another 1xAA light from Fenix that is slightly larger would include the LD12. I have the LD11 which works well.

    I also have the Streamlight 1L-AA which is longer tail-clicky but very handy because it takes multiple types of cells (AA, 14500, cr123, 16340, ...) and it can be programmed to be single mode.

    A popular relatively small 1xAA light is the Luminop Tool AA with tail-clicky. It has mode-memory which would mean the light coming on in same mode and when it was last turned off.

    A lesser know brand but equally good small tail-clicky light is the Sofirn SF14.
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    Default Re: Fenix E-11 equivalents

    The E-12 broke my heart. Itís so close to exactly what I want, but it has the one fatal flaw I canít stand. Tailcap mode switching and it only starts on low. I donít want to have to click and then half click twice more to get to high, and I donít want to accidentally bump the switch and change settings.

    The Streamlight is too large for my liking, I donít want to use any other batteries so the versatility and larger body is just extra bulk that doesnít have a benefit and makes it harder to carry in a pocket.

    Iíll have to do some research on the others you mentioned, hopefully something will fit the bill.

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    Default Fenix E-11 equivalents

    I was also going to recommend the Fenix E-12 as the update version of the E-11, but then saw your reply about it.

    Another light that you may want to try is the EagleTac D25A. It does have multiple modes, but on/off is a full click and mode switching is a half click. With the head fully tightened, a full click turns the light on at high, then another full click turns it off. In that mode a half click would go between high and strobe, but as long as you only use a full click the strobe is never accessed? Also, it is one of the smallest AA lights I have used.
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    I Know you asked for AA, but you may want to consider AAA since your looking for a lower output and readily available batteries. Streamlight also makes the light mention above in AAA. Protac 1AAA. it can also be programed in High only. 115 lumens with a 2.25 hour runtime. Most of the single mode 1AA flashlights I run across seem to be pretty low quality.

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    I appreciate the help folks! I found a second hand E-11, and then have the Luminop on its way now. Curious to see what I think of it.

    Thanks all!

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