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    Default Hoodie Sweatshirts

    Has anyone tried the American Giant line of Hoodie Sweatshirts? I like hoodies, my Grandmother would issue them to me in Jr. High and high school when I was riding motorcycles everyday, and racing Motocross on Friday nights, and Sunday's years ago.

    I did not race with them but for practice they were great.

    I want to get a few really good hoodies, and the American Giant seems like the top of the line. If you have any other recommendations that would be great.


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    I don't know about their hoodie sweatshirt, but I do have a grey Classic Full Zip and it's great. My other go-to is the Huckberry 10-Year Hoodie.

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    Can't speak on durability but a couple of folks I worked with a few years ago swore by them saying "if you find them, buy one". My 25+ year old zip up hoody is still going strong so I never pursued them.

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    Check out Voormi and Outlier, both wool and made in USA and pricey.

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    Default Re: Hoodie Sweatshirts

    I have an American Giant hooded sweatshirt. It's heavy and well built. I prefer more fleecy types that I can layer but as an outer most piece it's good.

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    Default Re: Hoodie Sweatshirts

    I love Duluth Trading Company clothing. They have a variety of different hoodies for different purposes in varying weights. All very good quality.

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    Default Re: Hoodie Sweatshirts

    Big fan of Carhartt. Thick, wind resistant, great quality. Love the Duluth that NBP mentioned, but for me it's their fleece jackets that stands out. 👍
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    One of the warmest hoodies I have is just some random mall purchase years back - I believe it's an American Eagle brand but it's got some sort of faux fur lining and is incredibly warm, I was pretty surprised.

    In fact it's so warm I can't even wear it indoors without breaking a sweat 5 minutes later. So if you are after warmth, anything with an extra lining like that will definitely make a difference.

    For your basic, comfortable run-of-the-mill type zip up hooded sweater I've had an Under Armour for a few years that I like. Very comfortable, beefy zipper, just a good all around product.

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    One year as a bridge inspector I froze my bah-hash-na off day after day standing around observing bolts being tightened.
    "ENOUGH!!" I declared. That was the year I heard about American Giant.
    I went online to Diluth and saw a hip length parka that piqued my interest. Price wasn't an issue since I was working plenty of OT. Warmth was the issue……

    I read reviews and folks in the Yukon said "it's too warm". lol. Down filled firehose must be pretty dawg gone good at retaining heat. I did opt for a pair of their flannel lined fire hose pants. Good gosh! They stood up by themselves for a couple of years, but definitely worth the coin.

    Now to pay $100+ for an American Giant hoody? If I wore hoody's often at work, yeah I probably would. But I have to wear a hard hat so a thinsulate welders bacleva (sp?) keeps my head plenty warm. In my line of work flame retardent is a must due to sparks from welders at times. So things like fleece jackets or those over stuffed nylon jackets can smolder like a cigarette on a mattress. Another reason I avoid hoody's at work.

    At home hoody's by Champion, Jerseys and Hanes etc do the trick. A surf company called O'Neil used to make top shelf warm clothing. Do they now? I don't know, the stuff I bought in the 90's is still hanging tough.

    Carhartt gear is still pretty durable. Trouble is when they began having products made overseas they didn't lower the prices, so I buy Walls or Dickies work wear for about half the cost or hit up Cabellas bargain cave.
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