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Thread: Smart Charging Your Camera Stabilizer

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    With the maturity and popularity of live broadcast and short video sharing platforms, the demand for camera stabilizers is also rising. Especially for those who do event or travel shooting, a cameral stabilizer with smaller, lighter, and removeable battery is the best choice. The battery life of the stabilizer is important during the shooting process.

    To keep a long batery life, when you go out to shoot, you will usually carry a set of batteries for spare. For example, if you use Zhiyun crane 2 (has 3x18650 batteries), that means you need to charge 6 batteries at night. Then, having a convenient, safe and secure professional battery charger is necessary.

    XTAR recently released a new battery charger, the VC8. It has 8 battery slots, which not only supports the charging of popular 18650, 26650 and 26500 batteries commonly used in the camera stabilizers, but also compatible with other Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries. It can simultaneously charge 8x 21700 protected batteries. With it, you will never worry about charging the battery all the night.

    VC8 2.jpg
    This charger uses the most popular Type-C port, which is compatible with many adapters on the market. Its QC3.0 fast charge protocol enables a single battery cell to have a max 3A constant current. It has the function of intelligently detecting the battery type and automatically selecting the optimal charging strategy. You only need to put the battery into the battery slot. After 5 minutes, it will recognize the battery type, the number of batteries and the resistance, and then automatically select the best charging current. This will extend battery life and ensure safe charging.

    During the event and travel shooting, it is often necessary to go far away, and with the battery from one place to another long-distance transportation will have some damage to the battery. The battery self-discharge speed, will waste a lot of power . The VC8 charger has a special feature, the grading and storing mode. Using the grading mode to charge-discharge-recharge the battery, you can test the actual capacity of the battery, and then distinguish the performance of the battery. The storing mode charges or discharges the battery, which allows the battery to return to the rated voltage after long-distance transportation, thereby extending battery life. If the battery is at the rated voltage, the self-discharge rate is the slowest, and the chemical reaction is relatively stable. So every time you travel long distances, you can use the VC8 charger to restore the battery.

    With built-in high-precision MCU, multiple protections such as overcurrent, overcharge, overvoltage, short circuit and soft start. The VC8 charger is up to 1% full of voltage accuracy, and the battery automatically stops charging after it is fully charged, which is safe and worry-free. Even if you charge at night, there is no worries at all.

    If you are a photographer or filmmaker of any kind of event or travel, take a VC8 charger, it is one of the best way to keep long battery life of your camera stabilizer. Only $39.99 at Amazon. For more info, visit the official website:
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