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Thread: DaveSa Copper EDC Whistle ** price drop

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    Default DaveSa Copper EDC Whistle ** price drop

    DaveSa Copper EDC Whistle - $85.00 < $90.00 < $118.00 shipped U.S. 50

    - Original owner, purchased directly from DaveSa April 2016
    - note: natural discoloring in pic #3 and pic #5 (in pic shown and high res link at the bottom)
    - Trit still glows, never carried, ring came attached and has not been removed, pics taken today 11-18-19
    - Titanium whistle in the first pic is not for sale. Not looking for trades at this time.
    - Payment: paypal goods or services, I will pay fees
    - Contact for shipping to other countries

    From DaveSa's ad:

    Copper whistle - it is 2.25" tall, and made from 0.50" round stock.

    It has stippling in the grooves, and eight fine silver dots inlaid. I installed a green trit.

    high res links:





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    Default Re: DaveSa Copper EDC Whistle ** price drop

    ** price drop

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