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Thread: The best "1 light to rule them all" XL EDC light

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    Default The best "1 light to rule them all" XL EDC light

    So I've bought a lot of lights... perhaps more than a hundred but let me clarify than the vast majority of those are gifts I give to other people. (Tangent but I work for an NGO doing relief work in war zones disaster areas. Presently I'm between Iraq & Syria. Getting supplies in and out often takes bribes which I have conscience issues with. I do often though sincerely give gifts to generals/leaders AFTER the fact and #1 gifts are lights. To be further removed from the "bribe category" AND I find if done right, it means more to them I don't give new lights... I usually give the light I'm carrying - slightly used. An added benefit to that is I get to see all these different lights!)

    Anyways I haven't been excited about a light for a while but I recently got a custom (I get lots of customs) Eagle Tac G25C2vn from Vinh with his VN4 driver and white 2 LED. It was about $150 and has about a 1.5" head which means it fits great in my side pockets. On high 950L and 130K throw is great for a light this small.

    Also as I loan it out all the time the UI is great - I've got it set so 1 click is moonlight and fast double click is Turbo which means I have instant access to the 2 modes I'm most likely to want instant access to. (Moonlight is awesome in a war zone where you're not armed, very few have NVG and you don't want the Turks or FSA to see where you're at.) Further more when I loan it out I don't have to worry about someone buring up my batteries too quickly or overheating it because I don't tell them about the double click. They just know 1 click on for moonlight and 2nd for 5% and 3rd for 30% which by the time their eyes get used to moonlight they're impressed with 30%.


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    Default Re: The best "1 light to rule them all" XL EDC light

    I'm not sure where you are going with this topic exactly, but it is in the wrong place.

    The "LED" subforum is specifically for technical discussion of emitters.
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