As the title suggests, i am after a small torch that will go on the end of my barrel with a remote mounted switch. Ideally take one 18650 (trying to keep everything to one battery type). A nice wide to narrow throw out to 100m max (max shooting for this set up). The issue is size, my Fenix UC35 would be too long to fit up the front (150mm). Needs to mounted to barrel up front due to scope change (1-4 small optic) and no room up on pic for mounting.
Budget would be as cheap as possible whilst retaining quailty and reliability.
I am not looking for one with special modes either. Just a simple on and off is all that is needed.
Basic waterproof rating of an IPX7 should be enough id say.
Doesnt need to come with any mounts, i can make them, just needs to be uniform.

If nothing can be recommended i will have to look into another pump handle, either buying one or making one that will house a larger light.