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Thread: [Review] - Olight M2R Pro Warrior - NW, 1800 lumen, TIR Lens, 21700 5000mAh - by Lock

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    Default [Review] - Olight M2R Pro Warrior - NW, 1800 lumen, TIR Lens, 21700 5000mAh - by Lock

    Olight M2R Pro Warrior: tactical flashlight in 21700 format with 1800 lumen Turbo, 300m shooting and Neutral White tint.

    Here the link of the company and here the link of the product.

    Packaging and content
    The Olight M2R Pro Warrior comes in a beautiful package of rigid white cardboard with all the main features of the product printed on it. The torch arrives already inserted inside its holster. The installed belt clip and the battery already inserted inside the torch with an insulating tab that prevents contact. All other accessories are inside a cardboard box.

    The package is rich and contains:
    • Flashlight (Olight M2R Pro Warrior)
    • Nylon holster
    • Belt clip
    • MCC3 USB magnetic charger
    • Custom 21700 5000mAh battery
    • Laynard
    • User manual

    Technical specifications
    • LED: Cree XHP35 HI NW version
    • Max beam intensity: 22400 cd
    • Max distance: 300m
    • Max Output: 1800 lumen
    • Magnetic USB Charger MCC3
    • Battery 21700 5000mAh (included)
    • Smooth reflector
    • Tir Lens
    • Dual Switch
    • 6 Normal levels + 1 Special Level (Strobo)
    • Waterproof IPX8 (2m)
    • Weight: 179g (batteria inclusa)
    • Dimensions: 29.50mm (Ø Testa) x 26.20mm (Ø Corpo) x 136 mm (Lunghezza)

    Main features
    • M2R Pro Warrior is the latest version of the dual switch linear torches produced by OLIGHT. It is equipped with a single 5000 mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery and a TIR lens which gives it a uniform beam.
    • The maximum power and distance are increased by 20% and 44% respectively, reaching 1800 lumens and 300 meters.
    • The body is in aeronautical aluminum with scratch resistant hard type III anodization;
    • The electric blue bezel is PVD-coated and can serve as a glass breaker or self-defense.
    • Newly designed tail switch
    • Quick charge thanks to the new USB cable that supports up to 2 ° of current
    • Hole for laynard, double direction stainless steel clip, Nylon holster.

    Output levels and Runtime
    The Olight M2R Pro Warrior has 6 normal brightness levels + 1 special level (Strobe) divided as follows:

    Turbo: 1800-750-250 lm declared (measured 1900-780-265 lm) – 4.5+145+45 min
    High: 750-250 lm declared (measured 780-265 lm) – 160+40min
    Med1: 250 lm declared (measured 265 lm) – 10h
    Med2: 60 lm declared (measured 60 lm) – 40h
    Low: 15 lm declared (measured 18 lm) – 130h
    Moon: 1 lm declared (measured 1 lm) – 50days

    The measured data are to be considered as peak and all have proved to be consistent with what was declared by the manufacturer.
    The following are the runtime tests on the "Turbo" and "High" levels using the 21700 Custom cell supplied as a 5000mAh power source.

    User interface
    Switching on and off
    Press the side switch to turn on the torch at the last stored level or to turn it off.

    Variation of brightness levels
    While the torch is on, keeping the side switch pressed, the levels will be cycled as follows: Low-Mid1-Mid2-High. Turbo and Moonlight are not included in the cycle and must be recalled by shortcut.

    Moonlight mode
    When the torch is off, a long press on the side switch will light the torch on the Moonlight level of 1 lumen.

    Turbo and Strobo
    Double click on the side switch to access the Turbo. Triple click for the strobe.

    With the torch off, press and hold the switch for over two seconds to electronically lock the interface. Repeat the operation to unlock it.

    Tail switch
    With the M2R it is possible to select different output levels using the tail switch. There are two modes of use (Mode1 and Mode2) managed entirely by the magnetic soft switch in the queue.
    Mode 1: by lightly pressing the switch, the torch lights up on the medium level, pressing it fully instead will access the 2000 lumen Turbo.
    Mode 2: by lightly pressing the switch, the torch lights up on the Turbo level, pressing it fully instead will switch to the Strobe.
    To switch from one mode to another, just unscrew the tailcap, press the switch and screw the tailcap back on.

    The body and materials
    The M2R Pro Warrior is a robust and easy to use flashlight. At the Turbo the maximum power is 1800 real lumens with a theoretical throw of about 300m.

    Field tested I was able to verify that the beam is able to illuminate well even at 150 meters away. The tint is neutral, I believe around 5000k.

    The design of this torch is particularly aggressive. The electric blue bezel presents a series of spikes that can be useful in emergency situations, for self-defense or for example as a glass breaker.

    The central body is characterized by deep horizontal millings that guarantee excellent grip even with wet hands.

    The optical part is composed of a TIR lens that generates a clean beam with no strange artifacts with a well defined and bright spot and a perfectly exploitable spill.

    The beautiful Nylon holster supplied with the M2R pro allows the torch to be stored inside with the head turned upwards and the head downwards. The closure takes place by means of a buckle.

    The belt clip is made of steel, black in color, and allows the torch to be attached to pockets and garments in both directions.

    The lettering is precise and clean, anodizing is perfect

    In the hand the Olight M2R Pro Warrior is comfortable, it holds very well. The switches are easily detectable and operable. Both are quiet to the touch, just as it should be on a tactical flashlight.

    The threads are precise and smooth, they arrive well lubricated and are anodised so physical lockout is allowed but only for the tail switch. On the side switch the physical lockout is not allowed but only the electronic lockout.

    At the negative pole (which strangely lies on the side of the tail) we find a golden button while at the positive pole (head side) we have a small golden spring, of good section and quite rigid.

    The tailcap is not flat but there are three small spikes. Nevertheless, and paying special attention, the M2R Pro Warrior can still be used in a tailored fashion. Compared to previous models Olight has redesigned the tail switch, making it even more aggressive from an aesthetic point of view and more responsive to pressure.

    The side switch is rubberized, very precise. Inside a small status LED indicates the remaining battery charge:

    • Green LED: charge over 75%
    • Orange LED: Charge between 30% and 75%
    • Red LED: charge less than 30%
    • Flashingred LED: less than 10% charge

    Included is a high-performance custom 5000mAh 21700 that can be recharged directly inside the torch.

    To charge the battery, simply use the supplied MCC3 magnetic battery charger which is able to support a current up to 2A.
    A status LED shows the progress of the charge. The MCC3 differs from the previous charger for the red color of the plastic part.

    Regarding the Magnetic Charger supplied by Olight, in the User manual is shown:
    - Red: charging
    - Green: Full (over 95%) or disconnected flashlight

    When the status LED is red it means that the charge still has to end, while when the LED is green it means that the torch is not correctly connected to the base or that the cell has a percentage of charge greater than 95%. therefore from 95% to 100% charge, the status LED will always show green light.

    Beam, Tint e Beamshots
    The beam of the M2R Pro Warrior is wide but with a good shot, ideal to be used both in tactical applications and for everyday use.
    The TIR lens guarantees the uniformity of the beam which is regular and without any type of artifact.
    The tint is homogeneous, with a nice neutral color and an excellent color rendering.

    To follow some nightshots ...

    Beamshot #1

    Beamshot #2

    Beamshot #3

    Beamshot #4

    Beamshot #5

    Beamshot #6

    Beamshot #7

    Final considerations
    The M2R Pro Warrior is a high quality product with interesting features. With attention to the smallest details, you immediately feel the sensation of absolute robustness.

    The grip is excellent in any condition of use.

    Beautiful aesthetically, a real tactical flashlight with an aggressive design.

    The soft switch is different from the previous version. In fact it is not totally flat but there are 3 slightly protruding spikes that should improve stability when using the torch in tailstanding on not completely flat surfaces.

    The interface is very simple, there are also two modes of use, direct access to the Turbo, the Moon level and the Strobe. With the new magnetic cable / charger, which also acts as a base, you can quickly charge the battery: in fact a current up to 2 Amps is supported.

    The adjustment is excellent, the driver is efficient and always tries to maintain a constant output. If the temperature rises too high, the brightness is automatically reduced to preserve the LED, the battery and the circuitry.

    The beam is geometrically perfect thanks to the TIR lens, with a well-defined very bright spot and a very large and usable spill to illuminate the walking surface well. The color is neutral, well balanced and uniform over the whole beam. Given the comparison with the Olight Warrior X, the M2R color seems to be slightly cooler.

    The package is complete: torch, custom battery, MCC3 charger, holster, belt clip and user manual.

    High quality product, definitely to recommend!
    Thanks for reading!!! XD
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    Default Re: [Review] - Olight M2R Pro Warrior - NW, 1800 lumen, TIR Lens, 21700 5000mAh - by

    Nice review. I really like that Olight is now offering the much less aggressive bezel for this specific light.

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