Hello everyone! I'm TikPandora and I used to be confused about what could possibly be so awesome about flashlights.

Let me explain.

I was going to buy a cheap flashlight from Wish.com but I quickly noticed that a lot of them seemed to take 18650 cells. I used to be big into vaping, so I know all about battery safety and all that. Anyway, I wasn't comfortable putting a lithium-ion battery into some cheap questionable quality hunk of Wish metal so I started to do some research. That research is what led me down the rabbit hole that is the enthusiast flashlight community.

A few hours, $30, and countless pages later I ended up with a Convoy S2+ from the official Alibaba store (grey, Luminus SST-20, 7135 x 6, orange peel reflector), a Samsung 30q 18650 and an Xtar MC1+ charger (my old 18650 charger of choice).

It's going to take a while for it to actually arrive, so I decided to join this forum. I hope this isn't the start of something expensive, but I can already feel it.