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Thread: Way too many emails

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    Default Way too many emails

    Yes all I had to do was unsubscribe from the LA Police Gear emails and they stopped coming. But think about it, 4 plus emails a day ? Maybe the advertising team could group all these random email thoughts into a bigger email ?
    I did like getting an email now and again but of all the online stores I subscribe to for email news, LA Police Gear sends out the most. Too many by far. I do like the store but not the current marketing.
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    I could almost count on Sears sending me one ever hour. Best Buy is pretty bad too. At 2:45 I have received 6 from Wal Mart (so far today). Edit: just checked, it's now 7… end edit.

    What gripes me is when you unsubscribe and keep getting them. Sounds like LA stopped so that's cool.
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