A month or so ago I posted asking for help regarding a high-end torch purchase, and after much excellent advice from you all and some careful consideration, I think I've finally settled on going with a McGizmo, and probably the Haiku. That said, I'm stuck trying to decide on which battery pack I should go with, specifically whether to choose the 1x CR123 or the 1x AA pack. So the question is, for those of you who have had/currently own both, which is your preference, and why?

If it helps, my main criterion for choosing are:
1. Size (prefer less bulk in pocket);
2. Ability to run "stock" McGizmo LE's or Tana/DatiLED engines using either primaries or lithiums as applicable (i.e. which battery pack would be more suited to this task; I *think* a 14500 has enough juice to power the Tana/DatiLED engines but not positive)
3. In-hand comfort;
4. Grip possibilities (specifically cigar-style, I've heard the CR123 pack is great for this but not sure if it's possible or as comfortable with AA pack);
5. Clip retention vs. pocket shredding.

Thank you all in advance!