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Thread: Help doing my first light modification.

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    Default Help doing my first light modification.

    Hello. I am modifying my first light and was wanting to see if anyone could point me in the right direction.
    I am modifying my older convoy L2 2x18650 from multi mode to single mode(only high).
    I was wondering if I could do this without buying a new driver and modifying the existing setup?
    After spending some time on mtn electronics I honestly could not even decide where to start when looking at drivers. I have been doing some reading but obviously need much more.
    I attached pictured of my parts. If anyone could give me some advice that would be awesome.

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    Default Re: Help doing my first light modification.

    I'm not 100% about this - but I believe that in order to use your existing driver, you would need to re-flash/reprogram the firmware on the MCU IC ("micro controller unit" "integrated circuit", large black component in the middle of your driver in the 1st pic). Here's a guide on how to re-flash an ATtiny12a MCU, the process would be very similar. Basically, you would reprogram the MCU (brain of the driver) to only do 100% power instead of the different power modes when it seems power.

    It would probably be quicker and cheaper to buy a new board from MTN with the single 100% power mode firmware installed unless you plan on doing this to multiple units.

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    Default Re: Help doing my first light modification.

    Usually the Solarforce L2 is a single 18650 torch. If you have two 18350's, that would make more sense. Look up the Mtn Electronics zener mod driver. That will handle 8.4v, and you can ask RMM (the owner and all-around cool dude) to make it single mode only. ~actually I just looked it up, its output is 6v. But that means you can upgrade the driver
    QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP
    Have torch, will travel.

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