I'm a close fan of https://youtu.be/zcQo8TqNJ8A?t=2285
A lot of their videos extend into night and while they have good cameras their lighting sucks! Looks like some hardware store adjustable beam LEDs and plastic incans.
I'd like to buy them a light for
$50 or less
1.5-3 hours run time at desired output
3,000 Lumens
wide smooth flood with no defined hotspot. Throw is ok, but If the center is overexposed the entire video will darken around the hotspot defeating the point.
As few modes as possible or no modes just "Work" mode.

My 35 watt Oracle HID produced all of the above qualities but being a decade old and over $200 I'd like to think I can get the same performance from an LED light now.

Quality doesn't have to be amazing, and no size restrictions, as long as one hand use.
Rechargeable would be best. Must be reliable and simple to use for a none CPFer

Like something like this

I've been away from the scene so long I have no idea what the "good" discount lights are vs the not.
And yes I know all these china crap lights are way over exaggerated output wise, if anyone has any experience with what would work for me let me know.