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Thread: My name is Steve and I am a Flashaholic.

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    Default My name is Steve and I am a Flashaholic.

    I am returning to the forums after a multiple year lapse and a loss of access to my other account.

    I first became interested in lights when I started SCUBA diving in about 1987. I bought a Underwater Kinetics and a Pelican (I believe) light for UW use.

    I was a professional Firefighter for many years and mostly used what the department provided.

    Then I went into law enforcement. And the bug really bit. I had a Surefire 6P. Good solid light. Then I installed a Malkoff Devices drop-in and I really liked the light. The department provided my main duty light. I bought my own backup lights.

    Now I am into weapon lights, EDC lights, "Tactical Lights", headlamps, and bike lights.

    Happy to join you again.

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    Default Re: My name is Steve and I am a Flashaholic.

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