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Newbie here (be gentle). Web-searches kept pointing to candlepowerforums as THE place for expertise on NiMH rechargeable batteries . . .

May be uncommon retail here relative to the "Eneloop" designation, but there are several Fujitsu/FDK battery models listed at (somewhat-end-user-ordering-friendly) industrial suppliers of electronic components (at least the data sheets for each are headed either "FDK Twicell" or "Panasonic").

Can anyone comment (or point to a url) on common "Eneloop" names for the type of model numbers found for AAs at such a source (examples below)? The only two bits of info I could find implied that retail package HR-3UTHCEX could be 3rd or 4th gen Eneloop Pro and that HR-3UTG could be 1st gen Eneloop (although 1900/2000mAh is such a common spec). If it's noteworthy, 10x more HR-3U-2500 and HHR-210AAC4B batteries are in stock (late 2019), relative to the others.


Here are some of the numbers and specs for AA 1.2V mentioned (forgive the formatting).

individual cells name minimum/typical size approx cycles
HR-3U-2500 TWICELL 2300/2500mAh 14.35mm x 50.4mm 31g no "up to" cycles listed
HR-3UWX TWICELL 2400/2500mAh 14.50mm x 50.4mm 30g no "up to" cycles listed
HR-3UTG TWICELL 1900/2000mAh 14.35mm x 50.4mm 27g no "up to" cycles listed
BK-200AAB9B PANASONIC 1900/2000mAh 14.50mm x 50.5mm 29g no "up to" cycles listed
HHR-210AAC4B PANASONIC 2000/2080mAh 14.50mm x 50.5mm 29g no "up to" cycles listed
HR-3UTCEX(4B) "retail" 4 pk FUJITSU 1900/2000mAh 14.35mm x 50.4mm 27g packaging: 2100 cycles
HR-3UTHCEX(4B) "retail" 4 pk FUJITSU 2450/2570mAh 14.50mm x 50.4mm 30g packaging:
500 cycles

(AAAs listed were typically 700 and 780 mAh)