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Thread: "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

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    Default "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

    I know that the INOVA X series has been around for at least a decade perhaps longer and don't even know if they are still in production. The most recent thread on CPF (via the "search" function) was 10 years ago so I'm thinking starting a new thread is acceptable 🤔.
    I picked my X5 (green LED) up at a garage sale for $1 a few years ago. The issue with it was that the "twisty" tailcap had a tendency to be very loose in all but the "full on" position. It would go from the "momentary" position to the "full off" position just from movement in my pocket. This certainly made for a high level of unreliability when I wanted it to have one-hand functionality. My first solution was to place a section of rubber cut from a narrow bike inner tube over the junction between the tailcap and the body. Functionally, this worked but was hardly what one would call "elegant" and yes I believe many would consider the INOVA X5 to be "a more elegant light from a more civilized age" 😉. Anyway, I wasn't happy with that fix. I don't know if it was a design issue or a materials issue but the O-ring on the body no longer provided any resistance to rotation of the end cap. Not wishing to contact INOVA and wait for their solution (if any) I replaced the OEM O-ring with one with a larger x-sectional area. That definitely tightened things up! I applied a little silicone lube and now the "twisty" tailcap functions as it should 👍. I did spray some electrical contact cleaner inside the tailcap and ever-so-slightly scraped the contact ring on the body. This light functions perfectly now! To be completely honest, the "bubba" fix with the piece of inner tube worked but was very tacky 🙄.

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    Default Re: "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

    Those were/are some great flashlights.
    Is it a Nite Ize era or the older Emissive Energy type? If the rubber button has Emissive Energy on it that is a real early model. (But you probably knew that.)

    They were reportedly giving SureFire a fit in the early LED days with well built, easy to operate and fairly bright output.
    I love the older Inovas with the thrower optics.
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    Default Re: "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

    Inovas were definitely something back then. I remember lusting for a T1(100 lumens for 4 hours on two CR123) and a T2 (don't remember the specs). At that time those were top notch performance and could give SF stiff competition.
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    Default Re: "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

    I have a few of the 1aa generations. T3?

    I lucked up and scored a Snap On 'set' of like new Emmisive Energy versions from a member here. They don't fit into my daily rotation per sae but when I show them to people they always get positive reactions. Typically about how bureley they are. They reside in my LED flashlight museum disguised as a shelf in my den.
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    Default Re: "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

    I had Vinh put Yugi CRI emitters in my X5. It is AMAZING!

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    Default Re: "Twisty" tailcap issue on INOVA X5 solved!

    Mine has "INOVA" on the tailcap button. Not totally sure of this light's provenance but since I got it at a PCS (permanent change of station for the non-military folks) garage sale, I'm suspecting that it was an "issue item" therefore part of a gov't contract purchase. Again, I don't know if this was during Emmissive Energy's ownership or with that of Nite Ize?
    With the loose tailcap issue remedied, I'm thinkin' that this light is now "qualified" to enter my EDC rotation group. I just need to add a paracord fob/wrist strap and I'll be G2G!

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